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Check out the State Voting Rights Tracker to learn how states are adapting their election systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Voting Rights Lab is a campaign hub designed to supercharge the fight against voter suppression and transform our voting systems. In partnership with organizations across the country, we build winning state legislative and ballot initiative campaigns to secure, protect, and defend the voting rights of all Americans.

Launched in January 2018, the Voting Rights Lab brings critical state legislative expertise and experimental campaign design to the voting rights sector. We focus our efforts at the state level, running campaigns to protect and expand the right to vote in legislatures across the country.


We have three key areas of focus:

  • Fighting voter suppression including automatic voter purges, cuts to early voting, and reduced polling hours.

  • Expanding participation in our democracy through the adoption of vote-by-mail, early voting, and other critical reforms.

  • Establishing fair elections by restoring the voting rights of formerly incarcerated citizens.

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The vast majority of our election policy is made at the state level. Nearly 350 new state voting and election laws were enacted in 2018 alone – demonstrating the unrivaled power of state legislatures to shape election policy and impact voters.


That’s why we collaborate closely with in-state partners, fusing their on-the-ground expertise and relationships with our policy and campaign capacity.

While so much political attention is trained on Washington, D.C., the greatest opportunity for momentum on voting rights before the 2020 elections is in state capitals around the country.


The Voting Rights Lab consists of seasoned policy, legislative, organizing, and digital strategy professionals based all over the country. Together, our senior leaders bring more than four decades of experience at the helm of major non-profits, political institutions, and movement-building initiatives.


We work shoulder-to-shoulder with in-state and national partners on all of our campaigns, sharing expertise and resources, and leveraging the power of on-the-ground networks.


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